Locke-Taylor is an ezine, part photography, part fashion and styling, DIYs and inspirational people and ideas. Providing spotlights for businesses and personalities in the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area, Locke-Taylor strives to showcase high quality photography of well-curated people and products in a fashionable way.


George Qua-Enoo – Photographer | Photo Editor | Creative Director

George is a commercial photographer based in Hamilton, ON. When he is not out and about taking photographs for his numerous personal projects, he is creating beautiful photographic images for his clients in and around the Greater Toronto Hamilton Areas and for other international clients in the US and beyond. George’s work has appeared in Cosmopolitan Magazine, Women’s Health Magazine, Miami Luxury Magazine and The Globe & Mail’s Report On Business Magazine, to name a few. His photographs have been described by some as “lively”, “vibrant”, and “authentic”.

For all your business and individual photography needs contact George at george@locke-taylor.com


Check out George’s commercial photography website at www.georgequaenoo.com

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Dana Mancini Stylist | Editor

Dana Mancini is a Visual Merchandiser at a world-wide fashion forward company. Considered the store stylist, she provides styling tips for fellow fashion lovers when she is not creating innovative and inspiring visual displays.

Outside of her career as a Visual Merchandiser, she is also involved in various competitions showcasing her fashion sense and abilities. Dana has also been involved in World MasterCard Fashion Week, prepping and dressing models for the runway. She is considered the creative one among friends and family, and serves as a strong fashion advisory.
“I don’t dress for others, I dress for myself”- Dana Mancini.

For all your styling needs contact Dana at dana@locke-taylor.com




Jordan Hamilton – Writer

Jordan Hamilton is a recent graduate of McMaster University, with a B.A Honours in Communication Studies & Political Science. She is currently in pursuit of the Public Relations Graduate Certificate at Mohawk College. When Jordan is not reading, she is writing. When she is not writing, she is reading. Copious amounts of coffee are consumed to maintain this routine.




Tonya CordeiroHair Stylist

Tonya Cordeiro is a Hamilton hair stylist who has always believed that hair is the best accessory. With this belief, she embarked on her career as a top stylist. Graduating from Lorenzo’s School of Hair Design in Hamilton, Tonya developed her trade easily. Following her graduation, she began working at Salon Profilo. After four years of styling at Salon Profilo, Tonya began working at her current salon, Venere in Oakville.

When she is not working at Venere, Tonya enjoys styling hair for various photo shoots and fashion shows. She also regularly attends classes taught by industry leaders in order to learn the latest in hairstyling and continually update her techniques. Tonya enjoys following and being involved in fashion. She is greatly respected by her clients and peers, and hopes to continue creating amazing hairstyles that make people feel renewed and refreshed.





Nadine HermizWriter

Nadine Hermiz is a 3rd year Communication Studies student at McMaster University.  She has three years of experience in the trendy fashion world from working for Abercrombie & Fitch as a model in her past.  Amongst Nadine’s busy life, she finds the time to write in her journal or her blog. Writing is her passion, and she believes that if a story is in you, then it has to come out. What better way to tell it than painting it as a picture with words?

Nadine was born and raised in Hamilton, and does not see herself moving too far from it in the future. She sees Hamilton not only as the city of steel and the city of waterfalls, but also as the city of art- and wishes that through her writing, she can express the art that Hamilton has to offer to her readers.

To contact Nadine, please email her at nadinehermiz@gmail.com