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Christmas is finally here! ‘Tis the season to be busy, however we all somehow find the time to bring our Christmas visions to life. Christmas brings out the creativity in everyone, whether it is in the gifts we buy, the cards we make, or the decorations we hang. There is nothing quite like seeing your (not-so) expertly wrapped present under the tree, or your newly homemade Christmas wreath hanging on the door.

Christmas wreaths are the decoration that greets your houseguests when ringing the doorbell. It may also be the table centerpiece at your Christmas dinner. It sets the theme, and gets people in the holiday mindset. When we were children, we all had sporadic decorations and wild Christmas trees with a mixture of sentimental and homemade ornaments. Now, it is most common to see one theme (or colour) carried from the tree to the outside lights. Wreaths are the decoration that ties the outside and inside décor together.


Using natural materials for a Christmas wreath is easy and inexpensive. This leaves you with more time and money to spend on finding the perfect gift for your loved ones. We partnered with one of Hamilton’s finest floral designers, Joanna Aitcheson, to show you how to make your own natural wreath for Christmas and any other occasion.


Locke-Taylor Magazine


Birch branches

Cedar sprigs or evergreen sprigs


Pine cones

Floral wire (26 gauge used)




Florist: Joanna Aitcheson

Filmed and edited by: George Qua-Enoo

Photography: George Qua-Enoo

Article by: Jordan Hamilton